Shop for the latest models on Fryers:  Air Fryer, Deep Fat Fryer, view our quality range of fryers from leading kitchen brands. Featuring; DeLonghi, Igenix, Russell Hobbs, Tefal, and more. Deep-fat fryers vs. air fryers Whether you decide on a deep-fat fryer or an air fryer it may likely to come down to what's on the whole more important to you - getting the bona fide deep-fried crispy coating on your food, or enjoying fried foods  with less fat.

Air Fryer

An Air fryer is an efficient kitchen appliance that can offer fried food lovers a healthier kitchen appliance when cooking food with as much as eighty percent less fat.  Air fryers are a safe alternative because they do not require a pan filled with hot oil to produce food that is a fried crispness air fryers work by circulating hot air, there is little to clean up after using an air fryer.Air fryers are enormously efficient since they can heat from room temperature to over three hundred degrees Fahrenheit in less than three minutes. This can cut cooking time considerably. 

Deep fryers

Deep fat fryers are safer than chip or frying pans. They preventing the oil from splattering all over the place, as well fry food to a crunchy crispness, and more often in a matter of minutes.The taste of fried food however, can cause even the most healthy person to cave every once in a while on the other hand fried foods are usually high in fat and calories, and contributes to high cholesterol.



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