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Think it's a great place to spend an evening xx


10 April 2014 · 


Just up graded my kitchen products love this site good quality products quick delivery good customer service

 22Nov 2014



16 December 2014

· 5 star I would highly recommend this company. The service was great. Unfortunately one of the products I wanted was out of stock but they contacted me promptly, sent the rest of my order very quickly and refunded the other product so quickly too. It's great to find a company that really treats their customers well!


Maleficent Thorn – 5 stars Just received my Wesco black bin from Homeware Boutique and I'm over joyed, it looks FANTASTIC!!.


I highly recommend Homeware Boutique for customer service, quality at a great price, thank you once again, and keep up the good work.18 April 2015   



At Last a Toaster that cooks both sides. Brilliant!!!!! ritapeeps - Dualit Metallic Red Stainless Steel 4 Slice Electric Toaster


What an amazing product, loved it.
Great delivery too!!!!!! (Posted on 24/03/2016)


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Kettle buying guide 


Always a central piece of kitchen equipment is the Kettle to boil up for your favourite brew.


In addition to their functionality, kettles now bring colour and stylishness to a kitchen, with contemporary and traditional designs in finishes from brushed stainless steel to retro enamel. 


Check out our trendy matching appliances for a co-ordinated finish in your kitchen. 


Features to look out for when purchasing a kettle: Quick boil: these quick 'boil’ kettles are far more energy-efficient – producing a cup's worth of boiling water within seconds at the touch of a button. Capacity: kettles with typical capacities (1.5 to 1.7 litres) can boil a single cup or up to six or seven cupfuls at a time. Power ratings: of between 2kW to 3kW – the higher wattage kettles are more powerful, and boil faster. As a rule, kettles with 3kW of power are classed as ‘rapid boil’ 


Safety features: manufacturers have built in various features for your safety and protection, such as auto shut-off when water begins to boil or the kettle is lifted, thermal cut-off, cool-touch handles and walls so that the body remains cold and non-slip bases.


Energy efficiency: handy ‘cup indicators’ to boil only the amount of water you actually need - work on the ‘fill a little, save a lot’ principle. A number of models present angled graduation with tilt handles to assist you to fill up to the correct measure needed. A number of manufacturers are by means of improved technology for their heating elements, resulting in energy savings of up to 35%.


Cordless swivel bases: the power cable attaches to a separate base, enabling the kettle to be lifted for pouring and cable length is not restrictive.


Concealed element: this makes cleaning much easier and generally considered to be more efficient at boiling water.

Water filter: most models now feature a removable washable filter: prevent lime scale build up, some models have a built-in water filter; replaceable cartridges last approximately one to two months.

Whistle on boil: this handy little feature alerts you to when the water has boiled.

Variable temperature settings: these allow you to heat water to a specific temperature often optimal for specific types of brewing - a feature which is particularly useful for specialist teas or coffees.


Bugatti Vera Kettle instructions


The Bugatti Vera electronic kettle has a set of functions that are operated by controls on the handle.  For best performance from your kettle, it must be used with care and attention and cleaned regularly.  


Before using


All Vera kettles come with a backup battery to save your information on the settings. Before using the kettle, you should fully charge the battery for approx.12 hours.

Clean the inside of the Vera kettle before using it for the first time by filling it completely (to the MAX level) with water, boiling the water following the boiling function and then discarding the water. Repeat this operation two times and any time that the kettle has not been used for a long time.




If the display is not viewing correctly the functions need to be reset. This is for safety to refresh all MCU memory inside. Place the Vera kettle on the power base unit and plug it in. Press the reset button for 5 seconds. The display will revert back to the original settings and all pre-set settings (clock, timer and temperature) will no longer be.




a)      Filter
Scale, or calcium, is a natural material that forms when hard water is boiled. It is important to clean the filter regularly. The filter clips into the spout and can be easily removed by pulling it up from the spout. It can be cleaned by gently brushing with a soft brush - under running water.


b)      Decalcification
Decalcification refers to removing the calcium deposits which may form in the interior metal parts of the kettle. To insure the best performance decalcify your Vera Kettle once a month. Bugatti suggests the use of a kettle de-scaler in order to break up these chalky deposits or lime build up. 


If your Vera kettle shows any signs of faults or defects or if irregularities are assumed, unplug the kettle immediately. Before contacting the customer team, please follow the Troubleshooting guide found in your Bugatti Owner’s Guide. 


Toasters buying guide 


The breakfast table wouldn't quite be the same without toast. With a whole host of features on offer, there's more to a Toaster than just simply toasting bread. 


Features to look for when buying a Toaster:


  • Variable browning: toast just as you like it; whether you like your bread lightly toasted or prefer crunchy brown, 
  • the variable browning function allows achieving your desired toast colour
  • High lift facility: this raises the toasting carriage up a little higher, making it easy to remove even the smallest items and slices.
  • Reheat function: warms your toast without the risk of burning. 
  • Mid-cycle cancel: allows you to check the bread while toasting without cancelling the toasting cycle, giving greater browning control. When your toast is perfectly cooked a little earlier than expected, the mid-cycle cancel function allows you to pop it up immediately.
  • Defrost: allow you to toast bread from frozen.


  • Variable width: allows you to toast thick slices of bread or thin-sliced bread also suit crumpets and bagels.
  • Crumb tray: a clean and convenient way to remove crumbs
  • Cool wall: safer around children, the heat outside the toaster doesn't get as hot as the inside, safeguarding against accidental burns.


Microwave buying guide


In today's modern life-style it is not always easy to fit in cooking with everything else. A Microwaves offer a quick, easy and convenient method of cooking. Microwaves today do so much more than just reheat ready meals. From simply heating up leftovers to defrosting food fast, you have all cooking type available to you at a touch of a button. 


We have put a guide together so that you can buy a microwave that will cook you up a flavoursome meal in moments; they are fast, inexpensive and ideal for cooking everything from jacket potatoes to a joint of meat. Some models let you roast, bake, or grill altogether this makes a microwave the ideal means of cooking if you are busy or short on space.


Standard Microwave: most standard models will allow you to cook food at low, medium or high power for the specific period of time, and may also have specific programmes to make cooking easier.  


The setting is normally entered using a simple touch pad. These microwaves are perfect for cooking fish, vegetables, defrosting meat or simply reheating food. Microwaves with a Grill, these microwaves have a grill feature so that you can get the same results as you would use a conventional grill.


They also have the cooking, reheating and defrosting option. Capacity: can vary from 17 to 32 L. Larger capacities of 27 L or above - ideal for larger families. Features to lookout for Feature:  Power Levels - Microwave power can range from 600 - 1100 watts. And have a number of different settings for cooking, including low, high or defrost, Preset Programmes - from cooking to reheating and defrosting.


Automatic Cooking and Defrosting - based on the actual weight of the food this feature allows microwaves to assess the time needed to cook an item safely


Sensor Cooking - Based on the moisture of a food item and the ovens humidity this feature automatically adjusts power levels and cooking time to give you the best results.


Microwaves now come with many special features: Drop-down door: makes it much easier to put food in or take it out multiple sequence cooking: Automatically varies the cooking temperature as such; de-frost and then cook using the same program.


Sensor cooking: detection of moisture in food, so that the microwave adjusts the time accordingly.
Cleaning: microwaves are much easier to clean than an ordinary oven


Safety tips: Do not use pans, metal containers or anything with a metal trim in a microwave, stick to plastic, glass or ceramics. If you have small children, it is advisable to buy a model with a child lock.


Don't start an empty microwave, as this might damage the oven


Do not use a microwave to sterilise food utensils. 


Iron buying guide


Our aim is to make the task of ironing that much more easier, along with choosing your next iron to fit in with your needs plus to cut down on the amount of time spent ironing! Steam Irons: a steam iron applies steam to your clothes while ironing.  


The steam moistens and relaxes fabric making it easier to deal with.  The water tank is a lot bigger than normal steam irons, so it doesn't have to be filled as frequently.


Iron features


Anti Drip:  masters any dripping water coming from the steam vents and helps to prevent leaking and spillages Anti-scale: A built in anti-scale function that routinely helps to prevent and remove lime scale, saving you buying any anti-scale products. Auto shut off: ensures your iron is automatically switched off when not in use for a set period of time, when it’s knocked over, or when it is left unattended.


Continuous fill: there is no need to switch off the iron and reheat when refilling the water tank, simply refill and go. Steam shot: this allows trigger a burst of steam through its plate directly onto fabric, helping you attempt even the most stubborn of creases, easier and faster to iron thicker fabrics.


Measured in grams produced per minute, the higher the steam shot output. Vertical steam: allows you to steam out wrinkles on hanging garments. It is ideal for removing creases from curtains and is excellent for delicate fabrics such as silk.


Soleplate: a good quality soleplate distributes steam and heat evenly and is vital for effective ironing to make sure the iron can glide over fabrics. The material of the soleplate is important to the durability of the iron: Aluminium: this type gives quick and even heat distribution but marks quickly. Coated: non-stick finish to help it move smoother over clothes.


Stainless Steel: this type of soleplate produces the least amount of friction, making ironing easier, however, steel can be scratched by zips and button attached to the clothes.


Ceramic: very smooth, with the added bonus of allowing starch to be easily removed.



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